Zeynep Erol

Zeynep Erol was born in Istanbul in 1960 and completed her high school education there. After studying German Literature at Istanbul University, she workedf as a German teacher for 6 years. She participated in a course for 2 years to study metal technique at the Istanbul's Grand Bazaar in 1989. She then continued her studies on wax design techniques. Erol is mainly inspired by nature and creates forms with her own modern interpretation. More recently her designs have become more geometrical. Zeynep Erol’s jewelry reflect her spiritual inner world, affections, relations, feelings and desires. In 2002, she had an exhibition in Topkapı Palace and expressed feelings of undeaged women in the Harem. In 2004, exhibition in the Tophane-i Amire, she created wearable jewelry and exhibited “love and ornament” together on a human body. She had the exhibition ‘The flower of life’ in the Hagia Irini Church in 2006. In her latest exhibition “Cosmic Dance” in 2008, Erol expressed wholeness in human being, “we all dance with god to become unified”. Her art jewelry pieces are exhibited not only at her gallery but also at the museum shop of Istanbul Modern Art Museum, the Istanbul Harvey Nicols, the Aaron Faber in New York and Electrum Gallery in London.

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