Hüseyin Çelik

Hüseyin Çelik was born in Istanbul in 1964. He started working on prayer beads with Abdullah Öner in 1986. He studied with Yusuf Özgen between 1994 and 2001. He attended many TV programs in order to familiarize the art of prayer beads making, took part in Yapı Kredi Prayer Beads Necip Sarıca Exhibition in 1996, held exhibitions at Taksim Atatürk Library. He participated in the khatt and prayer beads exhibitions at Ankara Kongrezyum Art Center in 2015, took part in the exhibitions in Doha/Qatar, representing the Precidency, and in the exhibitions in Tbilisi/Georgia, representing the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. He continues his artistic works with his son Adnan Tolga Çelik at his workshop in Gaziosmanpaşa.

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